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Welcome To Sound Dog Training

A dog is a wonderful companion who can bring great joy into our lives. They are wonderful at listening, amazing at comforting, and so good at making us laugh. They are our pet, our friend, and our family. Sometimes a dog does not reach its potential or expectations in their family.

Dogs do what seems right to them and they cause us issues when they do not understand what we need or want from them. Proper communication to your dog is essential. Dogs want to please their owners and Sound Dog Training provides the tools needed to show a dog what his owner wants. The trainer, Erin Baumgaertel, will address the specific needs of each client. She can teach you and your dog the basic obedience commands useful to the life of all dogs, and address any behavioral problems, from shyness to aggression, that you may be facing.

At Sound Dog Training we help you enjoy life with your dog, from a peaceful evening at home, to a hike in the mountains. We can help ease the heartache of possibly giving up your dog because their behavior is out-of-control and you fear they may hurt or bite someone. It is never late to teach a dog new things or change unwanted behaviors to behaviors that make life with your dog enjoyable.

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Where we help owners and their dogs having a fulfilling and rewarding partnership through life.